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Pet photography

Do you want the best pictures of your pets? As a pet photographer I can help you get the results you want!

Saarloos wolfhound Kamali in the Netherlands

Your pets are your best friend. For a lot of people an animal is part of the family. For a lot of people the animals have to be in family pictures too. And what about pictures of your animals? It's not always easy to take those pictures yourself. Pet photography takes a lot of dedication, letting pets pose, grab their attention and watching the surroundings. With family pictures there's always someone that has to take the picture. Pets don't always do what you want and especially if you're alone you can't make that one picture that you want to put on the wall. Plus pictures from your phone are most of the time not the best quality for printing. In the end you still don't have that one good picture of your pet. 


I know exactly what to do to make sure you'll have the pictures you need. As an animal lover and pet photographer I can't wait to take pictures of your pet. Pet photography has a lot of possibilities and every animal is unique. This makes it even more fun to do a photoshoot and make new memories with your furry friends and the rest of the family. During the photoshoot you can't only have good pictures of your pets, you also have the possibility to join in. The bond between you and your pet is priceless and unique. Those memories you want to keep forever. 

Pet photography can happen everywhere. The most important thing is that your best friend feels comfortable with the shoot. Only then you can have the best pictures! That's why you can pick a location that suits you and your pets the most. Think of: 

  • Forest

  • Beach

  • Fields

  • Your own yard

  • Downtown or old buildings

Wherever you want to do it, I'll make sure you only have good pictures. I would be happy to help you find a location and give you suggestions to get the results you want. 

Pet photography is all about patience. Some pets are afraid of the camera. That's why we don't just start the photoshoot, but make sure everyone feels comfortable enough. Let the pet adjust to the surrounding, making sure that your furry friend feels safe enough to pose. In between I already take some pictures, so the sound of the camera is familiar. Everything ok? Then we can start with the real shoot! Your pet doesn't have to know a lot of tricks. It's fun, but not a must. Even walking around or the basic commands can give some amazing results! And don't worry about not being able to walk offleash. We use a photo leash, some sort of rope, for the pictures. I make sure that those leashes aren't visible in the end result anymore. 


Do you have a dog, cat, reptile or another unique pet? All pets are welcome and unique in their own way and part of the family! 
For bigger animals or animals that are not comfortable with a thinner leash I would like you to ask to bring your own leash or other equipment. 

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