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Horse photography

Do you want unique pictures of your horse? Or family pictures where your horse is involved in? As a horse photographer I can help!

Western shoot at the forest in the Netherlands

Horses are amazing animals. Every horse has it's unique features, which you want to have on picture. At the same time, your horse is your best friend and maybe even part of the family. So why not have the best pictures of your horse? As a horse photographer I can help you to take the pictures you can use for all purposes.

Instead of only having phone pictures, which can't be used to print in a larger scale, I'll make sure you have high quality pictures. Before you know it, you can put all the pictures on the wall. 

Horse photography is a unique part of photography. As a horse photographer I'm not only making sure that you'll get the pictures you want, but also that you and the horse feel comfortable enough in front of the camera. Every horse reacts different on strange surroundings. Some horses don't like dogs or other animals nearby. That's why we try to find a location that is familiar or where your horse feels safe. I take pictures of the horse itself, but can also capture the bond between you and your best friend. As an animal lover and horse photographer I can't wait to take pictures of your pet. Horse photography has a lot of possibilities and every horse is unique. This makes it even more fun to do a photoshoot and make new memories. 

Horse photography can happen everywhere. The most important thing is that your best friend feels comfortable with the shoot. Only then you can have the best pictures! That's why you can pick a location that suits you and your horse the most. Think of: 

  • Forest

  • Beach

  • Fields

  • The stables

Wherever you want to do it, I'll make sure you only have good pictures. I would be happy to help you find a location and give you suggestions to get the results you want.

Do you have some gear you want to promote? Do you want action in the pictures with only the horse or you and the horse? Do you want a theme for the photoshoot? This is also possible and we can discuss the options! Don't hesitate to contact. 

For the editing you can choose between multiple options. Think of: 

  • Natural

  • Black photo

And don't worry about not being able to roam free. You can use your own gear, which I can edit out of the picture. Ofcourse we can leave all the gear in the picture for promotion! I make sure that those leashes aren't visible in the end result anymore. 

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