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Farm animal photography

Do you want to put your farm animals in the spotlights? As an animal photographer I make sure you got the pictures you need!

Cows at the fields around Erath, Lousiana

Everyone is proud of the animals they have on the farm. Farm animals are not only useful for processes on the farm, but can also be part of the family. Whatever purpose they have, you need the best pictures to promote what happens on the farm. 

As an animal photographer I can take the pictures you need.


Farm animal photography is a completely different kind of photography than pets or horses, because those animals most of the time don't know commands. This doesn't mean that you can't have good pictures! As an animal photographer I take the time to take pictures of all the animals. This can be on every location you want. We can take the pictures in the fields, but also in the stables or where they roam free. 

The farm animal photoshoots are possible for: 

  • Normal pictures of your farm animals

  • Promotion of the company

  • Pictures for selling farm animals

Every farm animal is possible and together we come up with a photoshoot that you feel comfortable with! We can also discuss photoshoots to promote your farm. Think of pictures of the buildings, the people 'behind the scene' and the products you're selling.


Do you want to have the photoshoot on another location than your farm? Make sure you bring all the equipment you need to handle your animals. 

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